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It is our aim to create a safe, supportive place where women with MRKH from across the world can form lifelong friendships.

In doing so, we believe that these friendships can change lives and need to be nurtured. The online world creates a springboard to meet new people and make that initial connection, however, this does not compare to meeting that individual in person. We want to make this an experience for as many MRKH women as possible.

Your kind and generous donations are a fundamental source of support for MRKH Connect, which is a registered charity in England and Wales - charity no: 1157477.

Without your ongoing funding, none of this would be possible.

The money you donate will go towards helping MRKH Connect connect those with MRKH together through

  • Maintaining our website, map and forum
  • Raise the awareness of MRKH through fundraising events and supporting meet ups.
  • Continue the development and expansion of this website to further support the needs of its members
  • Expand our support channels to bring a range of resources and information to those that need it most as well as to raise awareness for the condition as widely as possible