October 13th saw the release of the first MRKH fiction book, by UK author, Alice Darwin.

"Three women. Three stories. Three secrets." This book is a must read, not only for women with MRKH, but for those who are supporting people with this condition.

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MRKH rokitansky                                                                                          

           Three women, with three stories of love, hope and childlessness and three secrets that connect them all



    "It made me laugh and cry all the way through! I never thought someone could capture the emotions of MRKH so well!"


"I read this book with my best friend and she has a new insight into how this condition affects me. I was never able to put it into words, but thanks to Alice, I didnt have to!"


"I bought this for my daughter after her recent diagnosis. It is comforting to have so much awareness and support out there now. This book answered a lot of or questions and made my daughter feel like she wasn't alone"