There are times like these that we are reminded of a heartache even more prominently when the rest of the country is celebrating something that we don't have, desperately want or may never have.  Charlie, one of our trustees, was asked to write a blog on this subject and by Fertility Network UK as part of their #survivingmothersday campaign.  Her article, linked below, takes us through her own experiences on how she deals with what can be a challenging day for any with fertility issues.  

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The Fourth Sunday of Lent seems like a rather innocuous day by all accounts and for many, particularly those who are not religious would mean a day of very little significance. 

However, that day is also in the UK more commonly known as Mother’s Day although its original meaning, at least in the UK, was not specific to our own mothers at all but to people returning to their ‘Mother church’ in lent.   

It was commercialised by the Americans in the early 20th century although they, like many others hold ‘Mother’s Day’ on a completely different day (or days) and it is not closely related to the church in the same way it is in the UK. 

Suddenly that day, as innocuous as it originally sounded, starts to bring a sense of dread, sadness and pain to many. 

Mother’s Day invokes a day of celebration for so many yet for others highlights something we may have lost, may have always wanted, may never have and remind us all too emphatically of our own struggle. 

Everyone deals with Mother’s Day differently and there is no right or wrong way to handle it. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always remembered Mother’s Day fondly.  We would go to church and my brother and I, along with the other children of the congregation, would race to the front of the church, at the vicar’s request, and pick up a small posy of daffodils for our mums. Always wrapped in a little bit of foil to stop the water dripping everywhere.  My mum standing proudly with a smile on her face as she received them.  

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