It's taken us a while to post this as we have been a little busy at MRKH Connect HQ with a number of exciting changes and developments.  We have a new team and we are delighted to let you know that our new website will be ready very soon!

In 2019, Kelly and Janet, our founders, decided to take a step back from the charity they set up in 2014.  They handed over the reins to Charlie Bishop.  Charlie has been involved with MRKH Connect for many years both as a fundraiser and as a Trustee.  Meeting Kelly just after MRKH Connect was founded, Charlie has always been keen to give more back to the growing and international MRKH community we now have.  With this new opportunity, Charlie and her new team of Trustees (Jen, Shelley, Michelle, Adrienne and Ali), are relaunching a bigger, better and more informative MRKH Connect, whilst building on the great basis and the foundation stone of MRKH Connect which has always been its website, forum and interactive map.  

We look forward to introducing the team to you very soon and continue to provide updates across social media (we are @mrkhconnect across platforms).  Our new website is being developed in parallel and whilst we know our current website is quite dated and not quite as functional in places as we want it to be, please bear with us, the new website will be worth waiting for!  The new site will make it easier and simpler to make those ever important connections, friendships whilst providing, and receiving support.   

MRKH Connect is for the community and we look forward to sharing the ways you can not only be involved in, but be part of, and truly have you say in what we do for the community 

Feel free to email us or contact us on social media, we would love to hear from you! 

Charlie and the MRKH Connect team 


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