Sharing our experiences helps us to find comfort in each other and ourselves. It helps us to realise we are not alone. Episode 2 explores this from the women who have lived this and have a story to share.  This Episode was released on 12th April 2020.

Whether our voices are just for us or something we want to share. At the end of the day there is no right way to feel, no requirement to shout out. Sometimes reliving them can make us feel sad but they also show courage and positivity. Something we will see more of as we continue through the #letsconnect series. We will touch on challenging times as well as finding those silver linings that have brought us strength and joy. These voices share the start of their MRKH journey with you. They are real women. Their stories are unique but in many ways we can find comfort in their experiences and how they show similarities to our own.

Living with MRKH is not easy. Accepting or becoming content with it is not a quick process but know that it can be positive and we can lead full and happy lives even if it maybe looks a little different to what we imagined.

Thank you so much to all those participating, following, sharing and liking ❤. We love you all.