As a woman with #mrkh the reality of not being able to carry your own child is one thing however the fact that in many cases it will also require some form of dilation or surgery to extend our typically shortened vaginal tract is a difficult concept to get our heads around. 

The feelings of embarrassment, pain, sadness and general disillusionment of our own sexuality are challenged yet at the same time we are 'making' a part of our body. We are making our vaginas which is also pretty cool. This episode, aired on 26th April, shares the experiences of women who have been through both surgery and dilation whilst also providing advice and top tips for those considering or soon to embark on that next step in their MRKH journey. 

Something positive can come out of something negative. Sometimes we just have to be patient and normalising the discussion is one step to know we are not alone and support is out there to help us through it.